I specialise in animals and African wildlife painting.  A life-long passion for animals and nature has always been the impetus behind my work, and I endeavour to portray them with sensitivity in pastel, oil and sometimes acrylic. I took classes for many years with artists who inspired me such as Regina Hona and Stephen Powell, plus practice and study on my own!
       Regular travel to the wild animals' natural habitats enables me to gather reference material and to experience the animals, their lives and environment. Conservation volunteer work in South Africa and Namibia gave me the opportunity to be immersed in a part of their world. I translate these experiences into my work.


“Luminous Colour – Showcasing Australian Pastel Artists”, and "An African Legend - White Lions and Leopards," in addition to "Australian Artist" magazine and in the US collectors' magazine "Wildlife Art".

   Studied Art History at La Trobe University 

BSc in zoology from La Trobe.

Awards include:

Camberwell Art Show Highly Commended 'Colours of Africa' 2021

Wildlife Art Society of Australasia, 'White to Wild'  3rd. 'Looking to the Future ' 2017.

Wildlife Art Society Australasia Silver Award, 'Stealth & Beauty at Dusk' 2016
Hydrocryl Art Prize Winner 'Cheetah Dreams' 2016
Knox Art Show Best in Show 'Lazing in the Morning Sun' and 2nd in Pastel 'Cubs on the Lookout' 2016

Pastel Society of Victoria Aust Runner Up Fauna 'Three's Mischief' 2015
Pastel Society of Victoria Australia Best Fauna 'Watching' 2007,& 'Big Daddy & Me' 2009

Alison Clark and silver winning artwork